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Captivate your customer attention and increase sales

Share advertisements without crossing the line by becoming intrusive. Use ads2grid to entertain pass on interesting information and promote your business easily & efficiently.

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Why use ADS2GRID in your Business :

Catch attention :
Digital signage solution have an 85% message recall rate.

Advertise more products & services :
Bring your products & services to customers with a simple click anywhere & anytime.

Develop your turnover :
Boost your sales with announcing your products and offers on screens .

Communicate with customers :
Grab your customers attention an invite them to follow your social media account.

Increase viewing time :
Spread videos and chat live to encourage your customers to spend more time on your feeds.

Interact internally :
Keep your employees on the pulse of the business with back-office screens.


Create and publish content the smart way

No design or technical skills needed, create eye-catching content and publish to your screens in few minutes. Save time with powerful automation tools and customize everything as your business needs


Beautiful design ready to use

Design your own visuals using AS2GRID built in editor that lets you design your screen the way you want. You can even place real-time data widgets that update instantly through an API.

No design skills needed

  • Ready-To-Use widgets
  • Layout control
  • Image library


Publish to hundreds of screens in 1 click

Organize your devices on groups, and publish your content on real time or according to a schedule to the group your want, when you want.

No technical skills needed

  • Schedules
  • Devices group management
  • 1 click publish


Monitor and control

Monitor your devices on real time, et get regular based on screen uptime.

Validate content before publish to screen, with user permissions.

  • Group permissions
  • Publish validation
  • Uptime notification
  • Devices health dashboard



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